How To Integrate The Fear Paralysis Reflex Effectively - For Professionals

This Comprehensive, Certified Course Takes You Step-By-Step Through Powerful Intervention Plans To Compliment Your Therapy And Help Children Excel

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Are you looking to add expand your knowledge to help your patients better? Do you as a professional know a child or adult who:

  • Has a low tolerance to stress and anxiety
  • Is oversensitive to touch, light, sound or movement
  • Struggles with sensory processing
  • Is overly emotional or clingy
  • Stares without blinking
  • Often holds their breath
  • Tends to be stiff, with tension throughout their whole body
  • Clenches their fists
  • Does not like to make eye contact
  • Is excessively shy
  • Has obsessive compulsive behaviour
  • Easily withdraws from others
  • Has selective mutism
  • Has autistic like symptoms
  • Has defiant or controlling behaviour
  • Has extreme fear
  • Has phobias
  • Has sleeping or eating disorders
  • Has night terrors
  • Experiences extreme fatigue and constantly feels overwhelmed

If you recognize 3 or more of these signs or symptoms in a child or adult, it may be that they still have an active Fear Paralysis reflex (FPR). If you would like to add amazingly useful tools to your existing therapy box, then this course is for you!

Over and above the fact that you can claim 6 accredited CPD points, this online, self-paced and certified course offers loads of resources and covers everything that you need to know about the Fear Paralysis reflex. It will also help you to consult smarter, provide more effective therapy and ultimately help children reach their full potential. This course covers:

  1. The history and theory about primitive reflexes
  2. The reflex arc and function of the Fear Paralysis reflex
  3. Well-research and sound integration principles
  4. Activities and techniques to stimulate the tactile and proprioceptive system
  5. Intervention plans
  6. Thorough assessment / screenings to determine an active Fear Paralysis reflex
  7. Checklists
  8. Summary poster charts
  9. Physical exercises to help integrate the Fear Paralysis reflex
  10. PLUS additional holistic strategies.

PS Want to see ALL that this course has in store for you? Scroll down and read through the full course curriculum. You can also click on the sessions that are unlocked. This will allow a sneak-peak into some of the sessions of the course. Enroll now and quickly learn how to effectively and holistically integrate the Fear Paralysis reflex.

Course Curriculum

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
Most people finish the course in a day or two. However, this online course is completely self-paced. For accreditation purposes, you have FULL access to all of the course content for 90 days. You can also download notes and summary charts that you can keep on your device for the rest of your life. Amazing, right?!
Is this course accredited?
Yes, you can receive CPD points units if you are registered with either the HPCSA or SAPIK. The amount of CPD points that you qualify for, is stipulated on this page.
Do I get a certificate when I have finished this course?
Absolutely, yes! Just follow the prompts inside this course. Enjoy being rewarded for learning something new and valuable that will help you change a child's life!
For how long do I have access to this webinar?
This educational webinar is completely self-paced and you can view all content related to this webinar whenever you choose. Thus, you have LIFELONG access for as long as the company exists.

Your Instructor

Marene Jooste
Marene Jooste

Marene is first and foremost the mom to 2 beautiful boys age 13 and 10, and the wife to a wonderful man. She is also a passionate professional with a holistic outlook to childhood development. As a registered Kinderkineticist at both SAPIK and SAQA, she has been in private practice for almost 20 years during which she has gained practical experience in the Health, Medical and Education Sector. She also served on the board of SAPIK for 5 years as one of two vice-presidents, and are the founder and owner of Kwanda Kinetics Child Development and Therapy Centre.

After her family experienced a traumatic event in 2012, it impacted the development of their oldest child who was then 3 and a half years of age. She had to go beyond the knowledge that she has obtained in her Masters Degree and delve even deeper to find some of the answers that they were looking for. She therefore went for various additional courses and became a SNAP consultant for autistic children. She has also received advanced training in Integrated Learning Therapy.

Through in-depth research, attending courses, learning from other professionals, working with thousands of children in Kwanda Kinetics (since 2010, an average of 5 contracted Kinderkineticists have provided programs and services to more than 10 000 children, both in a group setting as well as in an individual therapy setting ), she has learned and discovered remarkable practical solutions to some of the challenges that they (and other families) had to face.

She has presented workshops to more than 1 500 professionals, teachers and parents over the past decade, sharing the knowledge that she has gained. In her own words, "I love to teach parents, teachers and other professionals what I have learned. In doing so, it is truly my heart to help children reach their full potential". Needless to say, the information in this course will equip and allow you to learn or relearn powerful techniques and interventions that you can use in your family, classroom or practice. Ultimately, it will inspire and provide you with tools to help children more effectively and holistically.

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